There just might be money for you!
There just might be money for you!

The idea of unclaimed funds just sounds like it’s too good to be true. You’ve probably heard of it but never believed that it was legit or that you could possibly have money sitting and waiting for you. Even people who are very careful with their money could have money being held my the government sitting and waiting for them.

In New York, it is the NYS Comptroller’s office that holds this unclaimed money. Much of the money is from uncashed checks, perhaps from utilities after a move or from insurance premiums paid but canceled before the end of the term. Some are from abandoned checking accounts or inheritance checks. I recently had $18 sent to unclaimed funds from Upromise, a program I signed up for several years ago and forgot about.

While many checks are relatively small, there is big money sitting there too. It only takes a few minutes and it’s worth checking. Check every town and state you lived in. If you name is easily misspelled, check different variations. Also, you can check on friends and family members and let them know they might want to look into it.

To search the unclaimed funds in NY visit: NYS Office of the Comptroller

For neighboring states, go to Vermont Office of the State Treasurer, Massachusetts Office of the Treasurer, New Jersey Department of the Treasury, and Pennsylvania Treasury.


(photo credit: Nic McPhee)