Driving On a Cell Phone - Photo by Chris Corwin
Photo by Chris Corwin

When you’re driving up the Northway, you may think that talking on your cell phone or even texting isn’t that big a deal.  After all, it’s a straight flat road, right?  But, think of all the times you’ve been sitting on the Northway in Clifton Park with traffic like a parking lot.  Something happened to cause that accident in front of you.  No one is immune to accidents.

Far too often there are people on the highway who are driving distracted.  They’re on their phones, texting, eating cereal – you wouldn’t believe.  I saw someone just last week on 787 driving with his left foot out the window, barefoot.

Everyone always thinks that they are perfectly safe doing whatever they are doing…until they are in an accident.  But the fact of the matter is, the human mind does not focus on multiple tasks equally.  When your focus is on something it is less on something else.

Just remember to ease up on the multitasking, and focus on the driving. Have your attention on the road, so when something unexpected happens, you don’t miss it.